Why might you need Independant?

Anyone who has concerns about their safety in their home could benefit from Independant. We support a wide range of people from older people, individuals with learning disabilities or mental health issues and those recovering from an operation. 

Why might you need IndependantTM?

IndependantTM is useful for anyone concerned about their safety or security in their own home and can be used even if you cannot make it to the phone, for example, if you have a fall or accident, if you’re concerned about an intruder or security issue or if you’ve had a fall or are feeling unwell.

The Welbeing team are available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week and will do all they can to help when you push your pendant, whether that is calling the police, notifying your nominated keyholder or linking you in to Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s 999 or NHS 111 teams for urgent or emergency healthcare.

IndependantTM does not replace calls to NHS 111 or 999, but if you need either service and you can’t get to the phone, the Welbeing team can put you in touch through your base unit.

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